Gina Jones, Mistress of Muscle, Wrestilng and Muscle Worship Goddess

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Gina Jones, The Mistress of Muscle Gina Jones, The Mistress of Muscle Gina Jones, The Mistress of Muscle Gina Jones, The Mistress of Muscle Gina Jones, The Mistress of Muscle

Welcome to being a part of the new Evolution of the Female Human Being. Never in the history of mankind has a women ever looked like this. It is new to every cell in your body-never passed down from your ancestors for they never saw or felt a Women so Powerful, so Strong, so Muscular and beautiful. You are now part of this "Evolution"!

Hi, I am Gina Jones. I have been evolving, sculpting & perfecting my body for over 38 years. It is now time for you to take your curiosities to the physical level and not just the visual. You can now meet me in person and feel my rock hard muscles, feel the power of my Steel legs squeezing the life out of you. You can gaze as my body bounces alive as I strike different poses, full peaked biceps, softball sized shoulders, thick rippled chest topped with beautiful assets. Watch as my back comes to life spreading across time zones in a Lat spread or appearing like the Rocky Mountains do when you drive into Denver from the plains as I hit a back double bicep pose..

I also have a fantastic imagination for Role Playing, have taken on many different personalities as requested by my fans. You will see it as you look into my eyes that I am as your imagination demands. Bring your best ideas!!

If your 225#'s or less I can spin you around like an air plane and toss you on the bed like a rag doll. I can also do piggyback rides and squat you for reps. Other lifts & carry requests can be made. It all depends on your ability to stay balanced.

I am also very Dominant, have quite the experience with many different ways of humiliation, tormenting and a good beating. Submit to the New Power!

Looking forward to meeting you all and introducing you to the amazing world of this new Evolution of Women.

Thank you for your appreciation and admiration of this new adaptation of the Female Physique!

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